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Surviving your Hair during a Pandemic 

If the last year has taught us anything, it just might be flexibility. 

Adjusting to our current reality while making the best of our current situation. Being carful, safe and conscientious is as it turns out- progressive.

So what might this life long hair dresser suggest so as to make your (hair) life easier? Let's start with contrast.

Consider Contrast

The greater the use of contrast (especially in hair color) the greater the upkeep, and the sooner you will want to refresh your hair color. While the closer you stay to your natural level (or a natural color) the softer the contrast. Let's be honest, my clients with Purple and pink hair are in the salon almost twice as often as those keeping closer to their natural level (or tone). So if you want to reduce expense or exposure (to people in the salon setting). Consider the contrast. More natural, less upkeep and time. 

Glazing/Glossing. Fast change, lower cost, easy upkeep.

My clients currently enjoy variation with color work, through use of Glossing (or Glazing) at the shampoo bowl. One of yesterdays clients is a good example of this as she was having a retouch application done and then benefited from a Copper Glaze done right at the shampoo bowl. In just 10 minutes we completely changed her hair color and tone while keeping her laying back in the shampoo bowl with a fresh, clean towel covering her eyes (and face). 

Like netural tones, red tones have the added benefit of washing out over time to a natural and understated end result. This can easily produce a more gentle grow out (or no grow out.)

Another way to Survive your Hair during a Pandemic is to book during the slowest time your designer has. Extra early or late, (you may pay extra for privacy. But will have all the benefits of it.) 

Social distancing in a hair salon can be a bit difficult. So be sure to do your part. Keep your mask on your speaking voice low and face away from others when ever possible. Do not take a beverage or food item into the salon. Keep in mind that we are dealing with this same stressful reality you are, So let's not get excited, we can do this. 

What we do. We keep each designer and chair at least 8 ft from the next. We position each customer toward the mirror (and away from the designer.) With no one present in the salon who does not have an appointment. We no longer offer a beverage or magazine for the foreseeable future. Also we have salon chairs wiped down several times a day, and the salon in general wiped down a few times a week.

One thing is clear, we do not know how long this will last. Also we do not want to expose clients, their families or friends to any unnecessary virus. 

That said, let us keep looking out for one another. Keeping in mind that others have lost loved ones to this pandemic just as we have. 

Be safe and healthy.

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