Covid19 a new reality

Always known for being the cleanest salon around, we have taken it to the next level. Kinney Systems is not interested in flating the curve- we want to eliminate it. 

Necessary things-

Each client will wear a freshly washed drape, these will be washed after every use. Or in the case of disposable drapes; thrown away.  Please check your temperature and inform us before entering the Salon. (We can/will check your tempature if needed.)

Please call us from your car; We will let you know when it's approiate to come in. 

Clients will remain in the chair facing away from anyone. With at least 6 feet between them. Only leaving their chair by request. In this way we will keep social distancing in place. It is our goal to keep clients 6 to 10 feet apart. 

Please wear a mask before you enter the salon. 

Kinney Systems is required to ask a series of questions intented to confirm your are with out risk for us to serve. These forms will be used for tracking(by the State)  should that become necessary. 

We can process your bill by credit card over the phone from your car or in salon-depending on in salon traffic. 

These adjustments and more will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

FYI: Our ventilation system includes Hepa filters, and runs 24/7. As Covid19 is thought  to be airborne; we also open the doors ASAP.

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