Short Hair

The long and the short on short hair.
Blog-The long and the short on short hair.
That looks so cute on you.....I could never do that.....but it looks great on you.

Have you heard/said that before? 

Long hair on women can cause quite a struggle when it comes to being busy, and getting their long hair to complement their life style.

Especially if the men in their life, love longer hair, (and so many do.) 

Living a busy life can easily mean your simply don't have the time you once did. And most men are not taking care of the long hair they say they love on you. So it's quite likley they do not understand the effort it takes. 

And if your hair is thick as well as long, well now you have quite the struggle, especially when the weather turns hot. 

Does this mean your settling when it comes to going short?

Not at all. Hali Berry, Jamie Lee Curtis, Isabella Rosesellini, as well as Debbie Kinney (my wife) all prove that short hair can look amazing when cut correctly, and worn right. 

Take a look at our Pinterest board “Short Hair Cuts for Women” for more than just a few inspiring shorter looks. 

So why Short Hair for Women?

Especially for women who are busy?

For just that reason, women are busy! And Short designs offer stronger lines which makes them easer to style.

Additonally short styles can shape the face so much better than long. Although long hair is beautiful;

5 reasons to go short!

  1. It's easier.

  2. It's faster to style

  3. More styling options (Razored pixies, Geometric Bobs with sttong disconnect.

  4. A great confidence booster

  5. Clients in the salon say it's easer when going thru “the change”

  6. No back combing, no shampoo setting. Ok a little back combing for volume; Just a little.

  7. And let's face it, it's snappy.

OOPs that's not 5...... But since we have over shot it already, let's mention that fact that you can color short hair aggressively and not pay such a high price. Think aggressively Blond!

And Finally

9) No matter what you get, you can chage it up next cut!