Loyalty Promotions

Kinney Systems Loyality page  

Clients  are my best form of advertizing. 

The following is an expression of my appreciation.

Clients (women) who refer an  adult friend or family member for a Womens hair cut and styling  will recieve $20.00 off their following visit. Their referal  will also recieve $20.00 off their first appointment.

Clients whos' referral  include a hair cut and color will recieve $25.00 off their next visit. 

Their referral will recieve $25.00 off their frist visit as well. 

Referral benefits attached to  this promotion can accrue but not exceed to the point of covering a full Cut and color appointment. 


To Schedule your appointment:
801-394-8354 to call,
801-690-0224 to Text

This offer is for Women only, is  not vaid with any other offer, has no cash value, ends with out notice.

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Precision, Customized Hair Design
Watch Perry complete this Long hair to short hair Razor Cut in one minute 13 seconds.


Perry takes the time to explain how to get at home the salon look he gives you. Very flattering results and easy to work with...Perry and the hair! =D

Nicole H. · April 13, 2016

They did a fantastic job, very knowledgeable and helpful and I left feeling fabulous!

Yolanda O. · March 6, 2016

Perry is amazing--simply beautiful work. He takes care of you and thoroughly explains how he will help you express yourself, through gorgeous hair.

Stevie M. · March 3, 2016

Your hair color should have the  softness and strength of your youth, all the while accentuating your best features. To achieve this requires skill and decation.  
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