Why Photography?

Over the years as a hair dresser I have learned the value of photographing my own work.

Initially for print ads, post card advertsing, newpaper ads and so on. Then as time has gone on, the market has switched to social media and the internet in general.  

Taking a quick drive in and around
Weber State University
is always worth the time. 
 Autumn in Ogden Utah is amazing, so long as the light is just right. This shot was taken across from the Ogden River Parkway along the Ogden River. 

Ogden Utah
Picture of the week!
Is it because we offer and sell Caffee Ibis whole bean coffee? 
Or is it because we just love the culture and art of it all?
Naw it's the flavor! 

Utah 2015

With the passing of time I have enjoyed the creative outlet of photography. And then “PhotoShop”.

The learning curve of which has been interesting and fun.   

I just love the contrast of this. Shot in Ogden Utah just west of Slack Water Resturant. 
The images below are some of my favorites from the past few years. I thought putting them here would make them more accessable. 
When it comes to a pop of color, this is a favorite.  
#OgdenRiverParkway 2014
Antelope Island 2015
This image is a work in progress. So far I will call it a Hot Wheels edit.